Historic Archaeology

Heritage Now provided the historic archaeological assessment for an archaeological permit to excavate the site. The project was delivered on time and allowed for the next stage of works to be undertaken.

Aboriginal Heritage Assessment and Permit Application

This project required the preparation of an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (ACHA) Report and an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) application. Heritage Now undertook all of the project work including the Aboriginal Consultation to ensure the assessment was completed on time and that the heritage permit could be lodged.

Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessment

Heritage Now conducted an Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessment for a proposed residential development. The team was able to find a way for some of the Aboriginal objects to be conserved and avoided by the development providing a substantial cost saving for the client.

Built Heritage Advice

This client wanted to turn the disused historic bank building into a coffee shop and sportwear store. Heritage Now worked with the client to find a practical way to adapt the building for a new use and provided the Statement of Heritage Impact which was wholly accepted by the local council.